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  • Welcome to New York City's Hunter's Point South Park and neighborhood in LIC
  • The New York skyline at night from Hunter's Point South (Photo by Frederik Boje)
  • The Oval at Hunter's Point South Park overlooks the New York Skyline
  • An artist's impression of two fast rising Hunter's Point South development towers
  • There is an outdoor gymnasium inside Hunters Point South Park
  • The children's playground at Hunter's Point South Park
  • The Promenade at Hunter's Point South Park
  • The famous Long Island sign at Hunter's Point visible from Manhattan
  • There is a dog run for our canine friends at Hunter's Point South Park
  • The East River Ferry docks at the Hunter's Point South Terminal in the park


Hunter's Point South - New neighborhood in Long Island City New York

Hunter's Point South

Hunter's Point South is located on the waterfront of Long Island City in the borough of Queens in the city of New York. It is a newly developing neighborhood with high -rise apartments, an incredibly beautiful park and unobstructed views of the world famous New York skyline. Just one stop away from Manhattan on the NYC subway, or 5 min by cab over the Queensboro Bridge and through Queens Plaza, it is literally a stone’s throw away from the magnificent Manhattan skyline.


With the $66 Million dollar Hunter's Point South Park already opened,  and two of the seven proposed high-rises over 35% complete, there is mounting excitement about the prospects for this community.  The application period for rental of the units that are currently under construction is expected to  start  some time in 2014. For more Information regarding the application process, please click here.

Hunter's Point South Park is an incredibly beautiful waterfront park at the heart of this new neighborhood. It currently sits on a mere 5.5 acres of land at the edge of the East River, but is expected to ultimately grow to over 17 acres upon completion, covering along with its seamless partner, Gantry Plaza State Park, no less than one mile of waterfront in Long Island City.

Both Hunter's Point South and Gantry Park emerged from collaborative efforts between the state and city of New York. As plans emerged several years ago to develop a new and exciting Long Island City waterfront community, a decision was taken to create an aesthetic park environment along the waterfront to replace the brownfield that existed. The result was the construction of two beautifully designed parks that have now become  precious ‘jewels on the East River’.

For visitors, Hunter's Point South Park is an extraordinary place that marries the majestic New York skyline to the tranquility and peacefulness of the East River. The park is an oasis of serenity in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the greatest city in the world. 

For residents, the area overlooking the Park, the East River and the incredible New York skyline is rapidly developing as a prime New York neighborhood, with high-rises sprouting from the waterfront neighborhood to provide enviable living accomodations. Small wonder that thousands of New Yorkers are now flocking to this area to make it home..

With the advent of a growing residential community and the influx of more and more visitors, the arrival of the business community at Hunter's Point  Park is also in full stride. To this end, a slew of new restaurants have already emerged, some on the waterfront itself and many others on Vernon Boulevard, just two blocks away. Nightlife is also coming alive with a few dance and comedy clubs springing up in the area.

In addition to businesses, there are many other compelling community projects underway. In this regard, at least three new schools are under construction and a uniquely designed public library that promotes community is also being built on the waterfront.

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